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Scripting Bright Cluster Manager

At my new position as Sr. SysAdmin at Drexel's University Research Computing Facility (URCF), we use Bright Cluster Manager. I am new to Bright, and I am finding it very nice, indeed. One of its best features is programmatic access via a Python API. In about half an hour, I figured out enough to modify the node categories of all the nodes in the cluster.

Node categories group nodes which have similar configurations and roles. Example configuration may be a list of remote filesystem mounts, and an example role may be Grid Engine compute node with 64 job slots. The cluster at URCF has 64-core AMD nodes and 16-core Intel nodes, so I created a category for each of these. Then, I needed to change the node categories from the default to the architecture-specific categories. The script below did  it for the Intel nodes.