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Ganglia module (kludge) to monitor temperature via IPMI

Since I don't have environmental monitoring in my server room, I used ipmitool to read my cluster nodes' on-board sensors to sort of get at the cold aisle ambient temperature. One should be able to see a list of available sensor readings with "ipmitool sdr" or "ipmitool sensor", the latter giving other associated parameters for the metrics, like alarm thresholds.

Since access to /dev/ipmi0 is restricted to root, my kludge was to create a root cron job which runs every N minutes, writing the appropriate value to a log file:

ipmitool -c sdr get "Inlet Temp" | cut -f2 -d, > $LOGFILE

Then, the Ganglia python module reads that file. I followed the example.py module which is distributed with Ganglia, and the associated example.pyconf.

The code is at my github repo.